What is CANACO?

CANACO - an acronym for the «Caps Navigator Community» -- is the community of Caps Navigator program users. This resource was created especially for crown cap collectors. The aim is to let Caps Navigator users create their own personal websites by uploading data to the canaco.org website. Uploading to this site is a very simple thing: you just need to click one button in the program. As a result, you get to post your collection on the Internet (with an address something like my_collection.canaco.org). You can select the shell design for your front page from the available templates. The program also offers multi-lingual content (if needed) and many other useful features. In addition, posting your collection at CANACO lets you automate the trade process: visitors can mark on your trade page the caps they want to get from you and these choices area sent directly to the Caps Navigator for you to see.

A little bit about the Caps Navigator...

When a collection consists of thousands of items, it is increasingly difficult to keep it all in one's head. Many collectors have created special databases, which store information about their crown caps, but not everyone has the skills to do this. I decided to use my programming skills in order to create something more useful -- a flexible model website for any collector who wishes to use it. In the very beginning the program was not functional enough, as it was written only for myself. Over time, I implemented a number of additional functions, both to simplify working with collections and to save time. (For example, the scanning was made much easier.) I hardly ever use the graphical editors while inserting new caps. After awhile, I published the Navigator on the net. Following its translation into several languages, many collectors from all over the world have begun using it. The program is typically available free of charge. If you have suggestions for additional features or changes, please send them directly to me.