Installation instructions

Please read the installation instructions first! There are two ways to install Caps Navigator: initial and update. (Updates are quite simple once the program is installed.) The first step is to download and launch the program using caps_navigator_#.#.##.exe. Follow the installation instructions (all of which are provided when you open this site). Be sure to use this URL only. Don't run Caps Navigator or you will get an absolutely empty database, even without countries and cities, and that's not what you want users to see! Next, you will add your own personal caps data by going to cn_data_#.#.##.exe. After opening this site, go to menu item «Service / Languages (Shell)» and select your language. Next you must define what other languages will be used in the collection. Continue to «Service / Options / Languages (Data)». The default languages are Russian and English. Edit the list of available languages you want to use on your own site. That's it! Never use cn_data_#.#.#.#.exe for a working database because doing so could make your database unworkable!

Files for download
File name Modified Size, KB
caps_navigator_3.2.10.exe 30-06-2018 02:59:31 4095
cn_data_3.2.06.exe 30-06-2018 02:59:31 1141